RFA Offer Sheet Process

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RFA Offer Sheet Process

Post  fanofvan on Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:24 pm

Firstly, the term RFA must accurately be defined. A RFA is simply a player whose current contract has expired and is under the age of 27, with less than 3 years of pro experience. For the sake of ease, we will consider a player a RFA if their contract has expired and they are under 27.

Offer sheets can only be presented during the off season to players who meet the RFA criteria.

The maximum contract length for a RFA Offer Sheet is 3 years.

How to post a RFA Offer Sheet

Create a topic in the RFA contract forums as follows:

Player Name - Offer Sheet (players current team)

(Your team name) officially offers RFA player name & team a contract
Competing Offer expiry: (insert 24 hours from the time of your post)

This new process serves two purposes. Firstly, it avoids duplicate Offer Sheets to the same RFA and secondly it provides clear notice to the team who owns the players rights that an Offer Sheet has been presented.


Send a Private Message to "fanofvan" with the specifics of your contract offer, including the player link and required compensation should the team not match.


Other teams will have an opportunity to post a reply in the thread expressing their interest and then send a Private Message with competing offers for 24 hours from the time the original Offer Sheet is posted.

At the expiry of the 24 hours, fanofvan will post the winning RFA Offer Sheet. Please note, unlike the UFA process, the winning RFA Offer Sheet will be the best monetary offer. The team who currently owns the players rights will have 48 hours from the time fanofvan posts to either match the RFA Offer Sheet or accept the compensation.

If there is more than one RFA Offer Sheet in the same monetary value for the same player, the longer of the contracts will win. If the contracts are the same length, the first one received will get priority.

Compensation Chart
0.000 M to 1.200 M - No compensation
1.201 M to 2.600 M - 2nd round pick of teams choosing
2.601 M to 3.930 M - 1st round pick & 2nd round pick of teams choosing
3.931 M to 5.230 M - 1st round pick & 2 2nd round pick of teams choosing
5.231 M & up - 2 1st round picks & 2 2nd round picks of teams choosing

PLEASE NOTE: The RFA Offer Sheet route is rarely used and often creates tension between teams. In an effort to mirror that infrequency of RFA Offer Sheets we will impose a special clause as follows:

If you steal a player from another team via the RFA Offer Sheet route, that player has to be a player counting towards your salary cap, whether it be as a starter or as a spare.


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