The Waiver Process

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The Waiver Process

Post  fanofvan on Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:12 am

Placing a Player on Waivers
This forum is designed for placing players on waivers, with the intention of releasing them from your team.

All players placed on waivers will remain on there for 48 hours, at which time teams can place claim attempts.

If the player you place on waivers is not claimed after 2 days then you will have the following options:

1. buy him out;

2. keep him and assign to minors; or

3. put him on waivers again where if he is claimed there you will have to pay half of his contract and the claiming team will pay the other half.

Post the player link and the day he is on and off waivers.

The following is how to post a player on waivers:

Vancouver Canucks Waive Jeff Cowan

Team: Vancouver Canucks
Player: Jeff Cowan (include player link)
Position: LW
Contract: 1 year 0.725 M
Waiver entry date: September 15
Waiver expiry date: September 17

If a player you placed on waivers goes unclaimed you have the option of buying them out. Be warned, buying out a player has salary cap implications. If you opt to buyout your team will be on the hook for 2/3rds (66%) of the remaining value of the contract spread over double the remaining length of the contract.

Ie, you chose to buy out Player A C - 1 year 1.000 M. You will take a salary cap hit of 0.333 M for the next 2 years (66% of 1.000 M = 0.666 M, payable over 2 years).

If you have bought out players, you must have that cap hit recorded on your official roster under a "Buyouts" heading. Once the player is bought out place them under your UFA heading.

Claiming a Waived Player
When claiming we use a waiver wire, the same as the NHL. A waiver wire is a list of which order the teams are in to claim a player.

The worst team gets 1st shot at players to claim or pass.

Teams are not allowed to go over the salary cap when making a waiver claim.

If you see a player that interests you, you may submit a claim attempt and the team that is highest on the waiver wire at the expiry of the waiver period gets him.

The follow is the priority list, based on league standings from the 2007/2008 season:

1. Tampa Bay
2. Los Angeles
3. Atlanta
4. St.Louis
5. Islanders
6. Jackets
7. Leafs
8. Coyotes
9. Florida
10. Vancouver
11. Chicago
12. Edmonton
13. Buffalo
14. Nashville
15. Carolina
16. Boston
17. Calgary
18. Ottawa
19. Washington
20. Philadelphia
21. Colorado
22. Rangers
23. Dallas
24. Minnesota
25. New Jersey
26. Anaheim
27. Pittsburgh
28. Montreal
29. San Jose
30. Detroit


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