Fan has Resigned

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Fan has Resigned

Post  Prairidog on Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:29 am

Well thank you for stating this.
I personally would like to thank YOU for all your hard work and completely understand
A family ....wife and BABY are way more important than the 30 of us I wish you luck
It was a blast and we couldnt have gotten this far without you.

As I stated before we have seen the toll that running a Sim of this nature has imposed on you and on Kubz
balancing an home life and as in Kubz's situation a career and school is a tough thing to do.....Thanks to Kubz's as well
We tend to be selfish and only think of the Sim but you 2 guys sacrificed a lot of time and effort towards making this fly.
Maybe some of the other GM's may be willinhg and think that they can do it ....but if they try they can use you guys as a example of what is required and see that its gonna be hard

Well I've said my piece and again THANK YOU FAN you are "da man" and I wish you all the best and hope your little one is strong and healthy....Keep in touch ..... and LOVE YOU IN A NON FAGGOT WAY....BEEEOOOOTTTCCCHH

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