UFA Contract Offers

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UFA Contract Offers

Post  fanofvan on Tue Sep 16, 2008 1:06 am

This forum is designed for the offering of contracts to UFA's. The process for the signing of UFA's is simple. A team who is interested in a particular UFA will create a thread specific for that UFA. After the thread has been created, it will remain open for 48 hours at which time other GM's may submit competing offers. The title of the thread will be the players name. The body of the thread will include your teams name, your contract offer, and several reasons why you think the player should accept your offer.

The following is how UFA contracts are to be offered:

Peter Forsberg

The Minnesota Wild offer Peter Forsberg the following contract:

Term: 3 years 15.000 M (5.000 M/yr cap hit )

-Forsberg will be named team Captain
-Forsberg will centre the first line

As soon as possible after the expiry of the 48 hours, League Management will review all bid submissions for the specific UFA and make a decision on which contract will be accepted. Keep in mind, simply because you have the highest monetary offer, does not mean the player will automatically accept your offer. Factors such as "hometown discounts", team loyalty, or a GM's transaction history may be taken into consideration.


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