How to Post Trades

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How to Post Trades

Post  fanofvan on Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:48 am

This forum is intended solely for the posting of completed trades. This forum is not designed as a medium for commentary or personal opinion on trades.

A trade will be declared complete and official once on GM has posted the trade thread and the other GM has replied to the thread agreeing to the trade.

All trades will be posted with the following format:

Calgary and Tampa Bay

To Calgary:

Player A (include player link) (B) C - 3 years 0.750 M

To Tampa Bay:

Player B (include player link) (A-) C - 2 years 1.000 M

PLEASE NOTE: Once the GM has agreed to the deal with his/her reply, the trade is official and will not be reversed. All trades will be reviewed by League Management and if it is deemed that extremely lopsided trades are being made with no sound reasoning, trades can be reversed. League Management will not allow teams to be decimated through poor trading to the point that they cannot be filled with a new GM should it be required.

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