Your Teams Roster & the Salary Cap

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Your Teams Roster & the Salary Cap

Post  fanofvan on Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:38 am

Each GM is responsible for the posting of his/her official team roster. The roster will include all information which is important to the make-up of the team, including players broken down by position (as listed in the starting roster section), salary cap numbers, and starting line combinations.

The title of your roster thread will be "Official Anaheim Ducks Roster", obviously inserting the correct team name.

The Salary Cap will mirror that of the current NHL season, and for 09/10 it will be 59.500 M with a cap floor of 43.600 M. The maximum allowable standard player contract will be 11.5 M and the minimum standard player contract will be 0.500 M.

All rookies will be signed to the standard 3 year entry level contract. The maximum entry level contract is 0.950 M for the 3 years and the minimum is 0.550 M for the 3 years. Bonuses will not be included in entry level contracts.

In terms of calculating cap information, your team must consist of 13 forwards, 7 defence, and 2 goalies. The spare forward and defencemen will be the next highest rated player not currently in the starting line-up.

You may only exceed the salary cap by 10% at any given time and you must be under the cap prior to the start of the season. If you are found to be within violation of the 10% rule, you will be given 48 hours to rectify your salary cap situation or your highest paid player will be removed from your team and declared a UFA, open to bids from all teams.

IF your team is not under the league imposed salary cap at the start of the regular season, you will lose your highest rated player for the season. If the removal of your highest rated player still does not get you under the cap, additional players will be removed in order of the highest overall rating until such time as your team falls under the cap.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of each GM to calculate their salary cap and have it posted with their roster at all times. Each and every roster has current salaries as based on Rookie contracts were adjusted to not include rookie bonuses, just base salaries.

It is also the responsibility of each GM to adjust their rosters accordingly once trades have been made. As soon as a trade is agreed upon, and the respective GM's have posted as such in the Trade thread, swap player links and ammend your salary caps.

When signing up and posting your "Official" roster, take a moment to review the players listed on the roster and ensure the information is accurate.

If you have any salary cap questions or require clarification, please ask myself or a designated moderator.


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